πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #204 -πŸ›’ May We Move a Barrel of Wine on Shabbos? – πŸ•―πŸ•― Shabbos 142

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Topics covered:

Chapter 21, Mishnas 1, 2
A person may pick up his baby on Shabbos though the little one is holding a stone. And we may pick up a basket though it has a stone in it (along with other permitted items). And we may move ritually impure teruma (produce consecrated to a priest) along with ritually pure teruma or plain food. One who carries a baby in the public domain with a purse around its neck is liable for carrying the purse. He may carry the child if it’s old enough to walk. He may carry a dead child even though the corpse does not assist in the carrying because he does so for the needs of the corpse rather than himself, and this doesn’t change if the corpse has a purse around its neck. One may carry a toddler who’s holding a stone because he’s emotionally attached to it and may become β€œill” if deprived of the object (even though it’s muktzeh), but we don’t extend this permit to a toddler holding a coin because the parent may come to carry the coin in the public domain. We may not carry folded clothes. If money is left forgotten on a cushion and we need the cushion on Shabbos, we don’t lift the money which is muktzeh, but rather shake it off by handling the cushion. Same for a rock left on a barrel of wine. If we need the cushion’s place or the barrel’s place rather than its use, we may lift the whole thing: the muktzeh object and its β€œbase” and move it off to the side.

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