🛎 AT Daily! #202 – 🥬 Rav Chisda’s Advice When You’re Broke: No Veggies! – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 140

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Topics covered:

Chapter 20, Mishnas 2,3,4 We may add a raw egg to the mustard strainer even though the egg white will be separated from the yolk. And now that we’re talking about mustard, we enter a big brouhaha among the Sages! Very mixed opinions about how and whether we may prepare mustard on Shabbos until Mar Zutra finally settled the dispute, and the crux of it is that we don’t mix vigorously in a craftsmanlike manner, nor in any way resembling the typical manner of weekdays. Rav Yosef relates that Mar Ukva drank wine that was good for him, but way too strong for Rav Yosef. Mishna 3 includes rulings on asafoetida and moving feed for animals. In the ensuing discussion, Rav Chisda shares a series of COLORFUL tips for young, broke students as well as his daughters. Mishna 4 opens with a discussion of moving hay away from a fatted calf so it will eat higher quality food. Issue is whether the hay can be moved on Shabbos.

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