🛎AT Daily! #196 – 🥐Fresh Bread Is Always Better! – Shabbos 134

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Topics covered:

Chapter 19, Mishnah 2 and 3.

Preventing infection with cumin after a circumcision was a necessity in Talmudic times, so if it wasn’t prepared during the week, it could be ground atypically on Shabbos with one’s teeth, or in the normal manner on a Festival since it is also food. Even though food prep is allowed on a Festival, if something could be done before the Festival begins, it must be. Thus bread dough may be baked on the Festival because fresh bread is better, but cheese may not be curdled on the Festival because it only gets better on the second and third day. Wisdom from Abaye’s foster mother saved many lives, and we learn a list of health tips from her. In Talmudic times washing the baby in warm water was considered a medical necessity before and after a circumcision, but should the washing be done atypically on Shabbos?

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