🛎 AT Daily! #165 – 🔨 Striking the Final Blow – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 103

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Topics covered:

What is makeh b’patish, striking the final blow, and how does it differ from boneh, building? Chiseling a stone in any amount is striking the final blow, even if you plan to chisel more. Striking an anvil, even if there is no object being created, is prohibited on Shabbos, not because the hammerer is learning his craft but rather because he’s improving his hammer. One may not play golf on Shabbos, but may he take practice swings? Pruning, weeding, plowing, or improving one’s land in any amount on Shabbos is a Torah violation. Minimum measure for cutting reeds depends on what one plans to do with them. Writing on Shabbos is a Torah violation and the minimum measure is two letters, with some important qualifications.

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