🛎 AT Daily! #162- 🗝KEY DAF! The Soul on the Sea! – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 100

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Topics covered:

To be liable for carrying or throwing on Shabbos, one must first make a valid taking and finish with a valid placing of the object. If one draws water from water, or pours water into water, one may be liable for carrying. But if one draws a nut from the surface of water, one is exempt because the nut was never “at rest.” What a about a nut on in a bowl that floats on water? Note the difference between laws of Shabbos and laws of acquisition in this regard. From the lesson of oil floating on wine, we explore the inner dimension of the soul’s journey in this world. Sticky figs that adhere to a wall above ten handbreadths from the ground are not in the public domain. The Rabbis overruled Rabbi Meir on the concept of “carving out.” Intention matters when throwing an object: how far did you mean for it to go? Did it come to rest? The sea is neither private domain nor public domain.

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