πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #156 – πŸ‘Ά Cute Baby, But Don’t Pick It Up! – πŸ•―πŸ•― Shabbos 94

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Topics covered:

Vessel secondary to what’s in it for purposes of carrying on Shabbos. A bed with a living, awake person on it can be carried out, but a bed with a corpse on it, or with nothing on it cannot be carried out. Minimum measures for carrying a piece of corpse, carcass or creeping thing on Shabbos. A horse may carry a rider though it may not carry cargo. We may not a ride a horse on Shabbos lest we tear off a branch to goad it. We may not trim our nails, hair, beard, moustache or any hair on Shabbos with a utensil and one who does violates a Torah commandment. One who removes these items by hand violates a rabbinic decree. Fingernails and bits of skin that were displaced and facing upward, AND THE MAJORITY OF THE ITEM IS ALREADY SEVERED, may be removed BY HAND on Shabbos, NOT WITH A UTENSIL.

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