🛎 AT Daily! #154- 🦒 How Tall is a Prophet? – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 92

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Topics covered:

One who steals a purse on Shabbos is liable for theft unless he drags it along the ground. WHAT?! We unpack this concept in the video. 1f642.png🙂 What happens when someone becomes liable for two harms caused by the same action? To be liable for carrying on Shabbos, one must carry in the typical manner. What is typical? Appropos of the height at which one may carry and still be liable, we learn how the Levites carried the Ark of the Covenant, and learn from the example of Moses that a prophet is generally wise, mighty, wealthy and tall. Carrying on top of one’s head is considered atypical. One who intends to carry an object in front of him and ends uo carrying in back is not liable for violating Shabbos.

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