🛎 AT Daily! #149 -📜 Thrice Moses Decreed and God Endorsed! – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 87

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Topics covered:

The timeline between the children of Israel arriving at Mount Sinai and then giving of Torah, according to Rabbi Yosei vs. the Rabbis. Three matters undertaken by Moses according to his own perception and subsequently approved by God: 1) an additonal day of physical separation between husbands and wives prior to the giving of Torah (to ensure all would be in a state of tahara, ritual purity), 2) Moses separated from his wife (physically, not emotionally) permanently so that he would always be ready for prophecy, and 3) he smashed the first set of Tablets in order to protect the people from severe punishment for the sin of the golden calf. The first day of Hebrew month of Nissan on the following year received 10 crowns for the all the “firsts” celebrated that day, when the Tabernacle was inaugurated.

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