🛎 AT Daily! #147- 🚨 Riots, Torah, Peace and Seeds – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 85

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Topics covered:

In th midst of the George Floyd riots, LA is burning blocks from our home. We pray for peace, and that our Torah-learning this night will add to the peace, just as we learn in Berachos 64a. Incredible that we’re studying about keeping seeds apart in a garden bed. Seemed like an obscure topic until we realized how relevant it is, based on Leviticus 19:19. The prohibition on intermingling diverse kinds follows immediately after the teaching in Lev. 19:18, Love your neighbor as yourself. Judaism celebrates distinctions. We love our neighbor, we do not become our neighbor. How far apart should the plants be? Enough to keep them distinct. Kil’ayim. Hivites/Horites, whom Esau displaced in Seir. Esau would become Edom, and Edom would become Rome.

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