🛎 AT Daily! #145 and 146 -🚦 Distancing Gentiles and Jews – 🕯🕯 Shabbos 83 and 84

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Topics covered:

Impurity of idols compared with other kinds of tumah. Rabbis lenient in these comparisons because tumah of idols is a rabbinic decree rather than Torah. In passing, we learn that Sages also decreed tumah on gentiles, but for a totally different reason. We maintain good relations, but keep an arms-length to avoid assimilation and/or danger from over-familiarity that turns into anti-semitism. Sal’s take on tumah all over the world today, and the need to ask constantly, “What is my mission?” A ship is tahor, meaning it cannot become ritually impure. Why? Comparison with other wooden vessels, cloth sack, earthenware vessels. Reish Lakish teaches that Torah endures only in a person that works and sacrifices in order to learn it.

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