🛎 AT Daily! #141 – 📜 I Paid My Debt, Now What? 🕯🕯 Shabbos 79

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Topics covered:

Liability for carrying the promissory note of a debt that was paid off. Is it significant? Are we allowed to keep it? Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbis disagree. What is between them? Depends on whether a note may be kept. Whether a receipt may be used to show payment was made. Whether the witness signatures must be “ratified” if the borrower admits he wrote a note, though not necessarily this note. One lesson is to get the all stages of the business relationship in writing, even between friends. Also that there is a righteous way to behave in monetary matters. Finally we briefly examine difference between parchment and other layers of hide used for writing tefillin and mezuzah scrolls.

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