🛎 AT Daily! #386 – ❤️ Meet The Mensch: Akavya Ben Mahalalel, An Early Tanna🍷Pesachim 64

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Topics covered:
Chapter 5, Mishna 5
Our mishna paints a vivid picture of the Paschal lambs being slaughtered and prepared for Passover at the time the Holy Temple was standing in Jerusalem. Incidental to the discussion of how many people were in the courtyard at once, and whether its doors closed miraculously or via human agency, we learn about the profound Torah wisdom, fear of sin, and humility of Akavya ben Mahalalel, an early Tanna, i.e. a Sage from the late Second Temple period, who witnessed these matters in the Temple, and who held fast to the wisdom of his teachers even when his colleagues threatened to ostracize him. From him we learn the antidote to arrogance – see Pirkei Avos 3:1

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