🛎 AT Daily! #378-384 💁‍♀️ She Set The Standard Of Brilliance Among Sages🍷Pesachim 56-62

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Topics covered:

Chapter 4, Mishna 7, 8, Chapter 5, Mishna 1, 2, 3

Highlights from the week of pages while Sal was away. Additional customs relating to work on Passover eve. How to say the Shema properly, including pauses and Jacob’s deathbed scene, from which we learn to say “Blessed be the name of His Glorious Kingdom forever and ever” after Shema. King Chizkiya’s water tunnel, which we hope to visit on an Accidental Talmudist trip to Israel in the future. Chapter Five opens the second half of this tractate, focused on the Paschal lamb itself. What time was it brought, and how did that relate to the daily communal offerings in the Temple? What if one intends to bring a different offering at the time he slaughters the Paschal offering? What if one slaughters it both for people who are permitted to eat it and people who are not? May we invite non-Jews to a Passover seder? It depends…

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