🛎 AT Daily! #375 – 🍇 What Was Offering Of First Fruits And How Was It Brought?🍷Pesachim 53

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Topics covered:

Chapter 4, Mishna 1, 2 We remove produce from our possession when it is no longer available in the fields during the seventh – Sabbatical – year in the shmitah cycle, but the availability varies from one region to another. Certain indicators are brought for various fruits, leading to a discussion of bikkurim, the offering of the first fruits. With thanks to R’ Menachem Posner of Chabad, we explore the whole procession from the rural areas to Jerusalem for bringing these fruits amidst singing and rejoicing. With respect roasting a goat for Passover after the Temple was destroyed – which the Sages prohibit – why did the Jews of Rome still do it?

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