🛎 AT Daily! #368 – 🤲 Are We Obligated To Wash Our Hands Before Praying?🍷Pesachim 46

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Topics covered:

Chapter 3, Mishna 2, 3, 4 If the significance of dough in a kneading bowl for purposes of tumah, ritual impurity, depends on the owners INTENT (remove it to clean it, or leave it in to reinforce the bowl), why is this law likened to the law of leavened dough, chametz, in a kneading bowl during Passover, which depends on AMOUNT? How long does it take kneaded, yeastless dough to become leaven, and what does this have to do with Tiberias, a city on the Sea of Galilee? What is the “benefit of discretion” and how does it connect to challah on Passover?

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