🛎 AT Daily! #337 – ⏳They Say Time Is Money, But It’s Not! In Reality…🍷Pesachim 15

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Topics covered:

Chapter 1, Mishna 5

Did Rabbi Meir arrive at the proper inference with respect to mixing pure/impure leaven of consecrated foods for burning on the eve of Passover from the statements of Rabbis Chanina and Akiva regarding the burning by the Temple Priests of unfit, consecrated foods of different levels of impurity? Rabbi Yosei says no! Reish Lakish says perhaps Rabbi Meir was actually talking about the statements of Rabbis Eliezer and Yehoshua who differed on the question of mixing known impure consecrated foods with possibly impure consecrated foods. The Sages are careful not to cause loss of property even for non-sacred items. A tale from Avigdor Miller and the Chofetz Chaim on the subject of MONEY and TIME.

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