•   Topics covered: The penultimate page and wisdom is flying! Alcohol and Adultery. Tithing makes one wealthy. Where there is no mensch, be the mensch! Torah from Zion, the word of the Lord from Jerusalem. The need to be cheerful. …

  •   Topics covered: Modesty in all places and times, even bathroom, face north/south when relieving oneself if the Temple Mount lies to the east/west, learning from a Sage’s example greater than words, what Rav Kahana learned under Rav’s bed.

  •   Topics covered: When a Jew must accept martyrdom, the origin tale of women, good inclination vs. evil inclination, Rabbi Akiva’s end, the Parable of the Fox and the Fishes.

  •   Topics covered: Dispute on saying Shechechyanu over a new object, which blessing for sad events, Hillel doesn’t fear such events, the bathroom blessing, bedtime blessing, and morning blessings.

  •   Topics covered: God’s special relationship with the Jewish people, the cause of earthquakes, why we don’t stare at a rainbow.

  •   Topics covered: A big-mouth heretic gets his comeuppance from Rav Sheishess. Blessing for seeing 600,000 Jews in one place. Rush to see a king in person. Blessing for the graves if Israel, especially in an abandoned cemetery.

  •   Topics covered: Meaning of animals, sexual partners, books, corpses and prominent people in a dream. Waking with a verse on lips is minor prophecy, five things that are 1/60th of Gehenna, manna, World-to-Come, death and prophecy.

  •   Topics covered: Three matters lengthen our years, three shorten, three things come only through great blessing: a good king, a good year, a good dream. A dream not interpreted is like a letter not read. Which dreams are fulfilled? …

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