🛎 AT Daily! #1176 🍇 Nazirus And The Children of Israel 🍇 Nazir 61

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Topics covered:
Chapter 9, Mishna 1
Laws of nazirus don’t apply to non-Jews. Greater stringency for women than slaves because master can override slave’s nazirus, but a husband or father can’t override for wife/daughter (after allowing the vow to stand initially). Biblical slavery is under rubric of Torah law. Gentile can’t take a valuation vow = vow to make freewill donation for upkeep of Temple, relates to assigning “value” to oneself or another person. Gentile can be subject of valuation vow. Legally gentile lacks a father? Because fifth commandment doesn’t apply to non-Jews. Gentile cannot become ritually impure, so can’t have possibility of becoming impure for the dead – thus nazirus doesn’t apply to them.

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Opening song: Havdala by Sal

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