🛎 AT Daily! #1158-1159 💀 The Headless Father 🍇 Nazir 43-44

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Topics covered:
Chapter 6, Mishna 5, 6, 7
Prohibition of priest vs that of a nazir re coming into contact with the dead. Nazir is forbidden from contracting impurity only from a corpse, other kids do not violate his oath. Priest doesn’t become impure from someone who’s dying, but he’s prohibited from visiting a dying person because it “profanes his priesthood,” perhaps because the person could die while he’s there. Case where priest father is beheaded, priest son needs to get someone else to do burial unless there’s nobody else. Greater stricture regarding impurity and shaving than grapes. Impurity and shaving can negate part of nazirus. But grapes have a greater stricture in that there’s no exception to this rule, whereas a nazir may become impure to bury an unattended corpse, or shave if he becomes impure.

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