🛎 AT Daily! #1142 👨‍👧‍👦 Your Dad Can’t Do It For You 🍇 Nazir 27

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Chapter 4, Mishna 3

Why do we make public repetition of amidah in morning and afternoon? Dates to return from the Babylonian Exile. Returnees after 70 years lost habit of Hebrew prayer, so Ezra provided script for prayer service, people who didn’t understand could fulfill obligation by saying “Amen.” Now you don’t fulfill by saying amen. That’s why you need to do silent amidah yourself. We still do repetition because tradition, plus you fulfill obligation of communal prayer. You can’t say thank you on someone else’s behalf, so for prayers for gratitude you need to do it for yourself. 

Blemished animal can only be consecrated for value of sale because it can’t be an offering. Law of a blemished animals is like that of unallocated funds. Sin offering being brought for an unwitting transgression of negative mitzvah must be brought by him, not on behalf of father or with father’s animal or money set aside for offering. 

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