πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #1133 🌘 The Night Time Is The Wrong Time! πŸ‡ Nazir 18

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Topics covered:
Chapter 3, Mishna 2
Vow of nazirus obligates you to not come into contact with dead. R’ Yochanan prevailed in debate with RL that vow taken in cemetery is valid but must go through 7 day purification before one can start counting days. Does he shave his head after that seven days? No, because because he never had days of purity as a nzir before he became impure.. Another law about person in cemetery who takes vow of nazirus: the difference between impure and pure person who took vow is that impure person’s seventh day counts as part of tally, pure person’s seventh day doesn’t count. Renewing sanctity of hair growth. Nazir who becomes impure brings bird offerings on the 8th day. Sin offering vs. guilt offering vs. burnt offering. Does nazirus start anew only on 8th day? Offerings only brought in Holy Temple during day.

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