🛎 AT Daily! #748 🖖🤚The Blessing That Sounded Like A Curse 👷‍♂️ Moed Katan 9

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Topics covered:
Chapter 1, Mishna 7
The Sages derive from Solomon’s 7-day celebratory dedication of the Holy Temple immediately followed by the 7’day celebration of Sukkos that we don’t mix one joy with another. The people skipped Yom Kippur that year! The Temple’s gates opened in the merit of King David. When faced with a choice between two mitzvos, which should we do first? The son of Rabbi Shimon Ben Yohai received a blessing that sounded like a curse until his father explained it. Women OF ANY AGE are permitted to adorn themselves and apply cosmetic treatments on the intermediate days of a festival, provided that…

#Judaism #halacha #Torah #shmita #cholhamoed #chagim #beauty #elders

Opening song: Veyeda by @Shlomokatzmusic

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