🛎 AT Daily! 🗝 KEY DAF! 🤯 Judaism and Entheogens 🎭 Megillah 7

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Topics covered:
Chapter 1, Mishna 3, 4, 5
How did the Book of Esther get incorporated into the Bible? Is it as sacred as other books in the Bible? How do we know that it was Divinely inspired? How does one fulfill her obligation to send gifts to friends and send gifts to the poor on Purim? THE STORY OF RABBA AND RABBI ZEIRA. Does this exemplify or contradict our obligation to become intoxicated on Purim? How does Shabbos differ from Festivals and Yom Kippur with respect to work prohibitions?

#Judaism #halacha #Torah #Megillah #Purim #entheogens #hallucinogens #psychedelics #addiction #substanceabuse

Opening song: Higher and Higher by @Moshav

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