🛎 AT Daily! #1365 🪙 When Is Silver Better Than Gold? Part Two💍 Kiddushin 48

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Topics covered:
Chapter 2, Mishna 2, 3
How/when can promissory note create betrothal? Does paper worth one peruta create betrothal? Does woman have to know when document of betrothal is being written? Can man forgiving payment from woman create a betrothal? Does man have to hand woman something to create betrothal? If woman gives man gold to make jewelry with, is that like a loan? How does man convert money owed him into money for betrothal? Does craftsman acquire ownership rights by beautifying the gold? Does doing work for her create betrothal? What if he promises to betroth her with gold and he gives her silver? Vice versa? What about wine & vinegar?

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