🛎 AT Daily! #1346 ✈️ Women Are On A Higher Spiritual Plane Than Men 💍 Kiddushin 29

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Topics covered:
Chapter 1, Mishna 7, 8
What happens if price goes up before money is given to Temple? Can one pull out of a deal? What are differences between obligations of men and women in performance of mitzvahs? Why are there differences between men’s and women’s obligations? Why can’t men shave with razor but women can? Are women equally obligated in honoring parents? Is a mother obligated to circumcise her son? What does it mean when the word “command” is used? Why is first born required to be redeemed? Can he redeem himself if father doesn’t do it? Can mother? Do you have a priority to redeem yourself before redeeming another? Is a lien created by Torah commandment? What are father’s obligations toward his son? What about his daughter? What should we do if we have trouble learning? Which should a man do first, study Torah or get married?

Opening song: Selichos led by R’ Yekusiel Kalemenson at Maayon Yisroel

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