πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #975 🍱 Don’t Just Tip The Waiter, Feed Him! πŸ“œ Kesubos 6

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Topics covered:

Chapter 5, Mishna 4, 5

Women may ascend in social status via marriage, but they do not descend. Wives may be excused from certain household tasks if they bring wealth into the marriage, but not all because idleness leads to licentiousness. A man is obligated to provide conjugal relations to his wife, with a frequency related to his profession and its travel schedule. One who vows not to have sex with his wife must divorce her immediately, unless he can get the vow dissolved by a Sage.


#ketubah #dowry #husband #wife #betrothal #marriage #maritalrelations

Opening song: The One Thing That I Know by Joey Newcomb from Big Avoidos via @tyhashem

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