🛎 AT Daily! #953 👨‍🦲 Like Hot Water On A Bald Man’s Head 📜 Kesubos 39

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Topics covered:

Chapter 3, Mishna 3, 4

The rapist of a “young woman” owes the rapist’s penalty to her father. What if she becomes a grown woman, or gets married or betrothed after the rape but before her attacker is tried and convicted? The rapist also owes damages for pain, humiliation and degradation. How are these measured? Why doesn’t the seducer – who also owes the fine for rendering her not a virgin – also pay the damages for pain? Does a woman who chooses to marry her rapist – in which case he may never divorce her – also receive a marriage contract?


#ketubah #evidence #contracts #rape #seducer #dowry #adulthood #deathpenalty #lashes #fines


Opening song: Even Mo’asu by @officialeitankatz feat. Yehuda Solomon

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