🛎 AT Daily #1000 🐍 The Snake In The Basket 📜 Kesubos 86

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Sponsored by Scott Gregory for the healing of Lindsey bat Sue

And in memory of Babet bat Yoel, may her neshama have a great aliyah!

Topics covered:

Chapter 9, Mishna 2, 3, 4

Can I sell Jim’s promissory note to Todd and then forgive the loan to Jim, thus leaving Todd out of luck? Does Todd have any recourse? How does this creditor law play out when widows and heirs are involved? If a husband hires his wife as an employee in his business, can he make her swear an oath that she has not embezzled from the business? Can a husband waive his right to make her swear an oath throughout the time they are married?


#ketubah #dowry #husband #wife #betrothal #marriage #divorce

Opening song: Jungle sounds

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