🛎 AT Daily! #1305 ✋ Her Courtyard Is Like Her Hand 🪶 Gittin 77

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Topics covered:
Chapter 7, Mishna 8, Chapter 8, Mishna 1
If man gives get “on the condition that” that sun rises in morning and he dies before that, is get valid? What does it mean to “give” a get? Does item need to be found for one to be liable for theft? What is relevance of where it is found? If husband gives get to wife in her domain but not into her hand, is it valid? Does she need to be in the domain at the time? Can wife bring property into marriage? Does it remain under her control or belong to her husband? Does wife need to share earnings with her husband? What is legal difference between a married woman and a betrothed woman with regard to property? Does wife’s hand have the same legal status as their courtyard?

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