🛎 AT Daily! #1293-1295 👺 Do Demons Cast Shadows? 🪶 Gittin 65-67

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Topics covered:
Chapter 6, Mishna 4-10
If agent gives wife get in different place than specified by husband is it valid? Can woman pick place to receive get? Can wife of kohen eat terumah after she appoints an agent to receive her get? Is eruv valid if dates were specified but figs were used? Are all deviations by an agent from the instructions of the principal treated the same? If husband says “write a get” on his way to be executed, should the get be DELIVERED? Can a man on his deathbed who writes a get retract it if he recovers? If someone hears a voice from a pit “someone give my wife a get” would that get be valid? Might it be a demon? What if it’s a plot hatched by jealous rival wife? Can a son be designated as agent in presence of his father? Can someone designate three people to write/deliver get? Can an agent be deputized to give instructions on behalf of another? Which sage’s opinion takes precedence?

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