🛎 AT Daily! #1272 🥷 Taken By An Assassin 🪶 Gittin 44

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Topics covered:
Chapter 4, Mishna 7
Does field owner have to tithe produce that has been seized by government? What if seized to pay a debt? What is status of slave who is taken by a gentile to pay off debt? What if gentile slave is sold to a gentile? What is status of a slave who is sold to a gentile on the stipulation that he continue his Jewish practices? What if sold to an apostate Jew? What if sold to a samaritan? Does owner of a slave have right to compensation if slave runs off to join foreign army? Can Jew sell house in Eretz Yisroel to a gentile? Can livestock be sold to a gentile? Is removing thorns during sabbatical year considered forbidden labor? What are rights of gentile slave in and out of Israel?

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