🛎 AT Daily! #1260 🛠 The Difference Between Tikkun Olam and Tikkun HaOlam 🪶 Gittin 32

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Topics covered:
Chapter 4, Mishna 1
What happens if husband changes his mind before get is delivered to wife? What happens if get is void before it reaches her? Can second agent nullify agency of first agent? Can get be voided once it enters wife’s possession? What is difference between saying “it is void” and “it is invalid?” What does “battel” mean? What is relationship between a get and a gift? When is pottery a valid or invalid get?
If man catches agent and voids get, then decides he does want to divorce her, can he use same get? What is a prosbul? Are two judges considered a court?

Opening words from the blessings we recite on the conclusion of Shabbos

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