πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #1238-1239 πŸ“‡ Jewish Names and Gentile Names πŸͺΆ Gittin 10-11

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Topics covered:
Chapter 1, Mishna 3, 4, 5
Can Samaritan or other gentile be a witness to a document? What is relevance of who signed first, a gentile/samaritan or a chaver? Do witnesses all have to be present at same time? Are legal documents produced in gentile courts valid? What actually creates a divorce? Is it necessary to have Jewish witnesses when get is written? Delivered? Are there different requirements in places where Jews are oppressed and where they’re not? Can you rely on Persian documents & witnesses if they have lower standards? Can people with gentile or ambiguous names be considered Jewish for legal purposes?

Opening song: Rainforest sounds

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