🛎 AT Daily! #308 – 🙏 His Reasoning Is More Convincing: R’ Jonathan Sacks 🏘 Eruvin 90

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Topics covered:

Chapter 9, Mishna 1

Tribute to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks of blessed memory. May we carry from rooftop to rooftop on Shabbos? Sages strongly disagree on this question. To help clarify their positions we examine the cases of a a structure added to a rooftop, a rooftop alongside a portico or a ruin, and an isolated rooftop. Rav and Shmuel disagree about the isolated rooftop, and seemingly contradict their own opinions for adjoining rooftops, but they are consistent with their own opinions regarding a ship. Shmuel concedes beautifully that Rav’s reasoning is more convincing than his own.

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