🛎 AT Daily! #303 – 🌞🌒 Conversation So Good We Didn’t Notice Nightfall! 🏘 Eruvin 85

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Topics covered:

Chapter 8, Mishna 3, 4

Shared area of two courtyards that did not make a joint eruv are prohibited to both courtyards. What if there is a well in an alleyway between two courtyards? Why does Rav rule that use of airspace does not restrict other residents from a shared space? How does this connect to the case of neighboring balconies on a lakefront building? What if the shared space includes ruins? Who was Rabbi Elazar the Torah Student, and why did he want to meet Rav personally? The shared food of an eruv must be stored in a residence in the shared courtyard – what counts as a residence? What disqualifies a person as a resident who restricts others from carrying in the courtyard on Shabbos?

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