🛎 AT Daily! #277 – 🌃 Big City, Small City, New City, Old City 🏘 Eruvin 59

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Topics covered:

Chapter 5, Mishna 4, 5

Yesterday we learned how challenging it can be to measure and lay out the boundaries of a city’s Shabbos limit, so it’s no surprise to learn in today’s Mishna that an expert surveyor is required. Since he’s an expert, he’s believed even if he makes substantial changes, but only up to a point. Mishna 5 interrupts our flow of Mishnas about eruv techumim, Shabbos boundaries, to discuss citywide eruv chatzeiros, joining of courtyards for the purpose of carrying on Shabbos. The rules in this area of law depend not only on the size of the city and whether a major thoroughfare runs through it, but also the history of the city…

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