🛎 AT Daily! #264 – 👴 vs. 👨‍🦰🧔👨‍🦳 Which Sages Prevail Over The Majority? 🏘 Eruvin 46

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Topics covered:

Chapter 4, Mishna 4 Why did Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi rule that 1) the law accords with Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri’s lenient opinion in his dispute with the stringent opinions of multiple rabbis regarding the Shabbos boundary of one who sleeps as Shabbos begins AND 2) the law accords with the lenient opinion regarding eruv? Either ruling would’ve been sufficient, right? Wrong. From this case and the that of Rabbi Akiva’s lenient opinion vs. multiple stringent opinions regarding a law of mourning, we learn several principles…

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