🛎 AT Daily! #253 – 🗝 KEY DAF! ✨ How And Why We Make A Place Holy ✨ – 🏘 Eruvin 35

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Topics covered:

Chapter 3, Mishna 6, 7 KEY DAF! Putting our page in context. What have learned so far in our Talmud journey? Why does the concept of eruv matter? Because we transform space by creating an edifice in the legal dimension that impacts us in the spiritual dimension. We create an enclosure of holiness! What do we need in order to rest and rejoice in Shabbos? Eruv means both the enclosure and the meal at its core. Why is an eruv locked in a cabinet with the key lost still a valid eruv? How can finding the key make it NOT valid? Why is a doubtful eruv still a valid eruv? Why does the question hinge on whether it was valid during twilight at the outset of Shabbos? The cupboard, the lock, the key, the strap, the knife, the rocks – how do all of these physical objects affect our spiritual experience on Shabbos? How do they impact our enclosure of holiness?

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