🛎 AT Daily! #242 – 🏰 Your Home Is Your Castle! Your Yard? Maybe… 🏘 Eruvin 24

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Topics covered:

Chapter 2, Mishna 4

We may carry on Shabbos in a non-residential enclosure over 5000 square cubits if it was originally built for residential purposes. What happens if we plant crops in it? What about trees? What if it was originally built for non-residential purposes and we want to re-designate it as residential? This requires tearing down and rebuilding enough of the fence to make it a new fence. Can we do that in increments? Learn from the case of the wood bowl and the sandal per Rabbi Yochanan. Tie to Hegel and quantitative changes that eventually produce a qualitative difference. What if an enclosure originally designated for residential purposes is flooded? May we still carry there on Shabbos?

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