🛎 AT Daily! #227 – ⏳ The Patience of Hillel –  🏘 Eruvin 9

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The Talmud Eruvin 9a tells us that if a Koreh (beam) or Lechi (upright) that’s either drawn from one or both walls of the alleyway or suspended in the air – as long as it’s within 3 tefachim (handbreadths) it’s kosher. Same applies if it’s suspended and doesn’t reach the ground, as long as it’s within 3 tefachim it’s considered lavud (filled in). This is a law attributed to Moses at Sinai. Now that we know the law is like Hillel, why is that so? The Talmud Shabbat 31a-b relates the story of how Hillel dealt with 3 potential converts as opposed to Shammai, who dispatched each summarily with his yardstick. The patience of Hillel and forbearance was also demonstrated by the wage of 400zuz someone made to try to get Hillel angry.

Shared a thought from the great 19th century sage the Chatam Sofer that even righteous people have their weak spots when it comes to money, honor, food, jealousy and the like. They work on themselves to conquer these tendencies. Hillel, as well as other leaders, went to great lengths to set an example to others – this quality of patience, humility, forbearance made the students of Hillel superior arbiters in disputes, and able to evaluate inquiries into the proper observance or practice of Judaism. Today was the Yahrzeit (anniversary of passing) of Rabbi Avrohom Yeshayah Pam, ZT’L. Spoke a bit about his deeds and how he embodied the spirit of Hillel. 

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