🛎 AT Daily! 604-606 – 🐔🥚🥚 Eggs From A Rooster?!🥚Beitzah 6-8

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Topics covered:

Chapter 1, Mishna 1 The needs of a corpse are so important that the Sages relaxed certain prohibitions on a Festival that would otherwise keep us from burying our dead, but the exceptions are limited! Why did a certain man call out, “I want eggs from a rooster!”? How do fertilized chicken eggs differ from unfertilized re the laws of a Festival? How far will a hen go to seek a rooster (and thus not lay unfertilized eggs)? How does an undomesticated kosher mammal differ from a domesticated one re the laws of slaughtering an animal for eating on a Festival? What is a koy (Hebrew word)? May we separate the priest’s challah portion from bread that stands to be baked on a Festival?

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