🛎 AT Daily! #1624-1625 👀 Did You Do Right In The Eyes of the Lord? 🧣 Bava Metzia 108-109

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Chapter 9, Mishna 8, 9
Topics covered:
What is law of selling a field that borders neighbor?
Does he need something more formal than a verbal promise?
Is it necessary to perform formal act of acquisition with neighbor?
What if owner is selling piece of land in middle of his field and doesn’t directly adjoin neighbor’s property?
What is relevance of market price of field?
What if field is bought or sold to a gentile?
What if buyer wants to sell field quickly and doesn’t have time to wait for entire process with neighbor?
When can a field be bought without proclamation to neighbor?
Who gets precedence, neighbor or relative?
What is relevance of weighed or good dinars?
What if owner of land is not owner of plants or house on land?
What is relevance of barrier between adjacent fields?
What if there are four bordering neighbors who surround a field?
If field is leased for less than 7 years, what are restrictions re: what can be planted?
Who gets benefit of enhancement of land, owner or tenant?
Does jubilee year invalidate rental agreement?
What is relevance of thickness of palm trunk?
Do heirs of renter receive value of enhancement?
Does renter who causes loss receive value of enhancement he created?
Who is considered forewarned?

Opening song: Moshe Storch leads Hallel at Beis Medrash Hancock Park

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