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Chapter 7, Mishna 2, 3, 4
Topics covered:
If two people are working diverse kinds of animals, which person has violated prohibition?
Is a voice considered an action?
When can non-consecrated animal be substituted for sacred animal?
What if one transgression contains two penalties?
Can one be subject to lashes for words without action?
What is law regarding kneading dough with milk?
Can you bake meat product inside bread?
What do witnesses have to see in order for adultery to be punished by death penalty?
What is relevance of inserting brush into tube?
What is “holding” a euphemism for?
When is it permitted to make two animals have intercourse?
What task can one not perform in neighbor’s vineyard?
Can laborer eat different type of food that the one he is working with?
May laborers eat as they move from one row of field to another?
If ox is working on food that is attached to vine, how can it eat?
Can one who is performing labor on a vine eat from another vine?
When can donkey eat from food on its back?

Opening song: Moshe Storch leads Hallel at Beis Medrash Hancock Park

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