🛎 AT Daily! #1545 🤝 Yes, I Am My Brother’s Keeper 🧣 Bava Metzia 29

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Chapter 2, Mishna 9, 10
Topics covered:
When is finder liable to pay restitution to owner for using found money?
Is finder of lost item like an unpaid bailee or unpaid bailee?
Is finder liable for damage to item caused by circumstances beyond his control?
How does one need to air out a found scroll? A garment?
If one finds tefillin can he use them? Is he considered a renter or buyer?
Why can one open a found scroll and read it, but not study a matter for the first time?
Can a borrower lend item that he borrowed to someone else?
How often does a new Torah scroll need to be rolled? What about an old Torah scroll?
What are restrictions regarding borrowed scroll?
When is shaking a garment problematic?
Why do linen garments, glass vessels and unsupervised laborers cause one to lose his money?

Opening song: Moshe Storch leads Hallel at Beis Medrash Hancock Park

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