🛎 AT Daily! #1524 🤝 Partners in Crime 🧣 Bava Metzia 8

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Topics covered:
Chapter 1, Mishna 1
If both are holding garment, what does it mean that each acquires on behalf of the other? If someone picks up item on behalf of another, does that person have acquisition? If one acquires item for himself, can he acquire part of that for another? What if two people steal something, but only one actually picks it up? What is relevance of “migo”/since? If two deaf-mutes pick it up simultaneously, do they acquire it? How does deaf-mute acquire an item? How can one acquire for another? When is object divided? When does one have to take an oath re acquisition? Does one who sits on an animal acquire it? What about leading animal? What if one is leading and one is sitting? What if two are benefiting from mixed species pulling together? Does holding reins of ownerless animal create acquisition? Who has a stronger claim, the one sitting on animal of holding rein?

Opening song: Moshe Storch leads Hallel at Beis Medrash Hancock Park

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