πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #1492 🚫 When Does A Blessing Become Blasphemy? πŸ‚ Bava Kamma 94

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Topics covered:
Chapter 9, Mishna 1
Can prostitute’s payment be sacrificed on altar? Can one make blessing over separating challah made from stolen wheat? If robber steals something, enhances it and returns it, is he entitled to compensation from owner? What is proper way to separate peah before tithing? Is weakening an item considered a significant change? Does change cause one to acquire an item? What are four gifts to poor required to give from vineyard? What happens if thief tries to return item after damaging it? Should owner accept changed item back from thief? If robber or usurer repents can he return what he stole? What if father leaves $ to children that was paid to him with interest? If father is wicked, must children still honor him? Do usurers have the same legal status as robbers?

Opening song: Moshe Storch leads Hallel at Beis Medrash Hancock Park

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