πŸ›Ž AT Daily! #1471-1474 πŸ₯· Thieves and Witnesses πŸ‚ Bava Kamma 73-76

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Topics covered:
Chapter 7, Mishna 3, 4
What if someone changes his mind or pauses while he’s giving testimony? How is pause defined? What is time required for speaking a short phrase? What is a conspiring witness and what is their punishment? What if there are multiple sets of witnesses who disagree with each other? What happens if master knocks out eye and tooth of a slave? What is significance of order of injuries inflicted by master on slave? When is a witness flogged? If there are different stages of crime, do witnesses have to be the same? How does interruption affect outcome of case? When is thief’s fine doubled? Does thief get benefit for confessing? When is witness testimony disqualified? Can you consecrate something that is stolen? What happens if something that is consecrated is stolen?

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