πŸ›Ž AT Daily!Β #1645Β πŸ“ˆ The Most Profitable Investment in History? πŸͺŸ Bava Basra 11

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Chapter 1, Mishna 4, 5
Topics covered:
What can we take with us when we leave this world?
How do we know that charity you give is stored up for eternal reward?
How long does one have to live in the city to be considered a resident for tax purposes?
When does court divide a jointly owned garden?
If people jointly own a scroll of Tanakh, can they cut it in two?
What are rules of dividing courtyard? How many cubits for each joint owner?
What is relevance of how many entrances each person has into courtyard?
What is relevance of how wide the entrance way is?
What if it’s a portico adjoining courtyard?
Why are 4 cubits granted for each entrance but not portico?
If there are five residents near staircase, does each need 4 cubits?
If a house half is half roofed and half unroofed, is it given 4 cubits?
Can owner build portico or shed that extends into shared alleyway?
Can owner of innermost courtyard close it off?
Are courtyards like alleyways?

Opening song: Moshe Storch leads Hallel at Beis Medrash Hancock Park

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