• Emor Emor: Guard Your Tongue

    Emor means “speak.” Speech is a powerful force that can be used to hurt or heal others. One of the most serious sins in the Torah is malicious gossip, known as lashon hara (evil tongue). Our Sages teach, “Three does lashon …

  • Emor Emor: Stoning The Blasphemer

    Shall we really break bones because someone called out a name?

  • Emor Emor: A Mother Cow and Her Calf

    A simple law that tells us a lot about God, Torah and ourselves.

  • Emor Emor: Not Even For His Mother or Father

    A crucial lesson for all from the obligations of the High Priest

  • Emor Table For Five – Emor – Special Edition

    Students from LA high schools interpret a verse from our Torah portion!

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