• Terumah Terumah: Giving is Receiving

    Our Personal Temple

  • Terumah Terumah: No Place Like Home

    Building the Mishkan

  • Terumah Terumah: Face to Face

    Coming Closer

  • Terumah Terumah: The Angels on the Ark

    Building the Mishkan

  • Terumah Terumah: A Home For God

    The Torah devotes one chapter to the creation of the universe and three chapters to the revelation at Mt. Sinai, but thirteen chapters to  the construction of the Mishkan – the tabernacle that the Israelites carried with them in the …

  • Terumah Terumah: And Now, A Word To The King

    What does it mean for God to dwell amongst us?

  • Terumah Terumah: Even Moses Canโ€™t Do It Alone

    Table for Five: Terumah  Edited by Salvador Litvak, the Accidental Talmudist And you shall erect the Tabernacle according to its proper manner, as you have been shown on the mountain. -Ex. 26:30   Rabbi Nicole Guzik, Sinai Temple It is often …

  • Terumah Terumah: The Angels on the Ark

    Why would God command us to make prohibited sculptures on the holiest object in the Holy Temple?

  • Terumah Table For Five – Terumah

    How do I know if Iโ€™ve given enough?

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